Smithers Rodeo Club


Turn off Highway 16 at Tatlow Road on the east side of Smithers; then left on to Pacific St.


The Bulkley valley Exhibitions provides roughly 1,100 parking spaces. Parking is on a first-come basis. Please obey parking attendants stationed throughout the parking area.

Gate 1 Camping Gate is a vehicle entry & exit gateGate 2 Guest Re-EntryGate 3 General Admission - pedestrian only access


On-site camping is available to exhibitors and the general public on a first-come basis. All persons camping must purchase a 4-day camping pass in addition to the camp site fee. Space is limited.

Parking and camping are under the control of the Grounds and Camp Managers, and campers must confine their vehicles and campsite to the designated areas. Violators may have their privileges revoked.

No vehicles to move on the grounds between 10am-6pm.

FEE: $40.00 per camping unit (tax incl.)


Public camping at south end of fairgrounds. 4-H, Draft Horses and Light Horses each have their own designated areas.

4-H (“4-H” on map)Draft Horses (“A” on map)Light Horses (“B” on map)Rodeo (“A” on map)


Minors (under the age of 19) must camp with guardian or parent.

No overnight camping in the parking areas.

No fires are permitted!

Sani-station located at city center (Hwy 16 and Main Street) and at Canadian Tire.

GATE AND VEHICLE INFORMATION - Vendor/Exhibitor/Contractor

No vehicle traffic inside fenced area from 10 am - 6 pm.

Please observe and obey the signs to keep congestion to a minimum and allow safe pedestrian traffic.

Gate 1 - Camping Gate is a vehicle entry & exit gate.

Gate 2 Re-Entry, No General Admission, Vehicle access until 10am only

Gate 3 General Admission - pedestrian only access

Gate 4 Livestock Gate is a vehicle exit gate

For complete Bulkley Valley Exhibtion information, please visit the BVX site here.