Arena Director – one who is responsible for seeing that the rodeo events proceed smoothly and according to the rules. He supervises jobs and details associated with the rodeo and the arena itself (such as loading the chutes, keeping the arena clear, repairing the arena surface, etc.)

Aggregate – the aggregate total score or time of the contestant in all rounds of the rodeo or all the rounds added together (i.e., a contestants score in the first go-round is 9, and the second go-round score is 10, so the aggregate is 19)

Barrier – a rope stretched across the front end of the box from which the roper's or steer wrestler's horse comes when the barrier flag drops to give the steer or calf a head start

Bronc – a wild or untamed horse

Chaps – widely flared leather leggings, worn over blue jeans to accentuate bucking action and protect the rider's legs

Dally – to wrap the end of the rope around the saddle horn immediately after an animal is roped

Flank Strap – sheepskin-lined strap with a self-holding buckle passed around the flank of a bronc or bull, used to enhance bucking action

Go-round – the portion of rodeo competition allowing each contestant to compete on one head of stock; the number of go-rounds varies with the rodeo. At RodeoHouston there are three go-rounds in each Super Series.

Mark-out – when a bronc rider keeps his heels ahead of the horse's shoulders on the first jump out of the chute (missing the mark results in disqualification)

No Time/ No Score – what a contestant receives when he/she is disqualified for any reason

Pickup Man – the horseback cowboy in the arena who rescues or "picks up" the saddle bronc and bareback bronc riders from their horses after a ride

Rigging – the leather pad in bareback bronc riding or the rope in bull riding on to which the cowboy holds

Roughstock Events – rodeo events based on scores, such as bareback riding, saddle bronc riding and bull riding

Spurs – attached to the heel of boots used by riders to urge a horse forward to buck or to hang on to a bull

Stock Contractor – provides animals for the rodeo

Timed Events – rodeo events based on speed, such as tie-down roping, steer wrestling, team roping and barrel racing

Timers – official rodeo personnel who use time-keeping equipment (stop watches, electric eyes, etc.) to keep the official time in all timed events