RODEO Sponsor FEATURE: Sedaz Lingerie

Need a new pair of britches ? or some "ooh la la's" for the for your partner in crime ? We have a business for you, SRC is proud to have SEDAZ LINGERIE back again as a RAWHIDE sponsor for the August 21-23 2014 SRC event at the Smithers Rodeo Arena.

Sedaz Lingerie opened their doors on February 6th, 2012 at the Main Street location with rave reviews and continue to serve the Smithers area with new fresh men & women apparel and knowledgeable fashionista staff with an "eye" for finding that perfect fit !

Owner/Operator Amy Brandstetter has chosen to show her family's support by stepping up as one of the TEAM ROPING event sponsors ! Huge thanks for your generous support Brandstetter family  !

Mr & Mrs Brandstetter  Sedaz Lingerie - Owner/Operators

Mr & Mrs Brandstetter

Sedaz Lingerie - Owner/Operators

Mrs. Brandstetter has her business - SEDAZ LINGERIE available for your viewing pleasure on many social media platforms and we hear there will be brand spanking new ONLINE store coming in the end of July 2014.

Be sure to check out the "ohh la la's"  !

Show the love and visit SEDAZ LINGERIE 

Facebook - Sedaz Lingerie

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Twitter - @SedazLingerie

The event called Team Roping where two ropers try to beat the clock together in harmony with headin' and heelin' the same steer while getting an ideal time...Check out the team roping action at the Friday & Saturday BCRA Sanctioned rodeo in beautiful Smithers, along with all the other favorite rodeo events ! 

Thanks again Sedaz Lingerie and all of our 2014 SRC sponsors ! Without you, there would be no Smithers Rodeo ! 

More SRC Sponsor features coming soon !

Happy Trails